Summary of the story so far in bite-sized chunks, so you don’t actually have to read the comic!

Chapter One: Kin takes care of a dragon

In a reclusive elven village, the Council of old people schemes to get rid of their immortal Elder so they can re-integrate into society. The shady meeting is headed by Risenri, the 2nd oldest elf in the village, and there’s also a pink bird listening from the window but that’s probably not important. Halfway through the secret meeting Risenri’s partner, Erryn, barges in. She is a bit suspicious, but doesn’t do anything to stop the Council’s plans that seems to involve murder by dragon.

Meanwhile the Elder Kinrini (“Kin” for his friends) is happily painting a gift for a couple of his villagers who are to be getting Lifebound the next day. His attendant Atty interrupts him to inform him the Council wants to speak with him, but gets distracted by the painting which has an abnormal blue sky, and then riffs on Kin for being super old.

The Council members finally get their meeting with Kin and lay out their plan. Risenri tells Kin that one of them has had a prophetic vision where Kin takes care of a dragon that’s plaguing the local human populace as a sign of goodwill to improve relations with them. At first Kin is wary, since humans are not too keen on elves, but then Risenri says the prophecy foresaw that Kin would take care of the dragon alone and empty-handed. Kin, who mentions that he has witnessed a prophecy coming true before, does not find this suspicious at all and happily agrees to handle the dragon by himself.

The next day after the Lifebinding, which is a ritual where two or more elves link their lifeforce to be together and in the process gain some Special Eyes™, Erryn has a word with Kin. She subtly tries to convince him the prophecy might not have to be taken literally and that he should take some backup and weapons. Kin, an optimist, tells her not to worry and that he believes it will all turn out alright in the end.
During their conversation Kin mentions The Five, which is a group of elves who tried to stop the savior Manach long ago and are the reason the humans and other creatures of the world hate elves. When Erryn asks if Kin is old enough to have been saved by Manach, Kin dramatically and rather vaguely tells her that Manach didn’t save him.