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Resuming updates

So, here we are! Thanks for being patient while I took my little break <3 Things of course didn’t go exactly as planned, with my health actually taking a dip again, but I’ve worked out a way to continue updating the comic in the future.

Let’s simply put it like this: there’s not going to be an update schedule (yet) so I don’t have a deadline looming over me. I’m also going to update in little batches instead of putting up page by page whenever something’s ready. That way I can continue the way I’m working right now, picking away at panels randomly haha! I don’t really have a target size in mind for an update batch, just whatever feels good for the scene to break I guess.

Other than that I don’t really have anything to add, other than wishing that you all have an amazing 2022 and thanks again for the support so far!