About the comic

Kin and the Dragon is a lighthearted fantasy webcomic about a friendly, ageless elf, who is sent on a quest to kill a dragon. Each chapter will chronicle one of their little adventures.

Rated T for occasional fantasy violence, blood, dark implications (but, you know, in a lighthearted way) and just a smidgen of dismemberment.

About the artist

This is where I put a little blurb written by myself but in 3rd person to look like a real deal professional!

Here goes:

Sheren has been polluting the internet with her dumb doodles and characters for the past 15+ years. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband and, other than having an above average amount of swimming diploma’s, has no noteworthy achievements to brag about.

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Technical stuff and credits

The comic is 99% done in Clip Studio Paint, with an occassional dash of Adobe Photoshop thrown in there. A walkthrough on how I used to complete a typical panel can be found here. I have a thread on Twitter with a more recent workflow.



Misc. credits: