Here are some of the webcomics I enjoy, listed alphabetically. I’ve described them for you terribly in a sentence or two.

Demon Studies – A bunch of young people go to a school where they learn to summon demons and for some reason nobody thinks this is a bad idea.
Ingress Adventuring Company – A professor at a school for magic runs an adventuring gig on the side, doesn’t guarantee safety for innocent co-adventurers/bystanders.
The Muse Mentor (concluded) – A girl who Wants More tries a lot of different hobbies.
Shattered Starlight – Retired and very Canadian magical girl does what we all would have done with magic powers, gets punished for this for some reason.
Snarlbear (concluded) – Girl gets teleported to another dimension and kills the first thing she sees, develops a taste for violence.
Threader – In a world where horny people get discriminated against, one secretly half-horny young man misplaced his mom. What? I mean they have horns!
Wilde Life – Journalist moves in with a friendly ghost and be(not-)friends teenaged werewolf, has adventures, gets rescued a lot.
Witchy – A not-so-good-at-magic witch gets an edgy haircut, this makes a politician very cross with her.