String your boy up in a tree and leave him there for a couple months!

Wait, stop, it’s not what you think!

Hallo! I come here bearing a placeholder image and some news that won’t surprise anyone, I think!

First and foremost: I’M NOT QUITTING! I love my dumb little characters and their dumb little story too much to throw in the towel already so don’t worry about that, updates will resume. It will just take a little while.

Let me explain. I’m usually not one to really delve into personal issues on the internet but I feel my decision warrants a little bit of context. I just realized with my health being in the condition it is currently in, and being unable to muster up the energy to make semi-weekly updates, having this deadline loom every week is not having a good effect on my personal mental health. I know I’ve made some posts that said updates will be spotty, delayed, random, but that doesn’t really help making me feel like less of a failure. Even if it’s a thing I do as a hobby I put out on the web for free I do feel very committed to keeping it up, and as a very punctual person in other aspects of my life, continuously missing updates is bringing me down a lot. Which is kind of silly, since the only person who has ever given me a rough time for not updating is me!
You guys in the comments have all been very patient and I’m so grateful that you’ve stuck around and come back whenever I post a page. It really brought me so much joy to see your familiar names in the comment section after I posted the previous page in July after not being here for months. And shout-out those of you who lurk, I see you in the metrics! <3

So! Long story short: I am hereby letting myself off the hook and officially giving myself a vacation. Not in the sense that I won’t be working on the comic at all; on the contrary, I plan to work on it a lot! I just won’t be posting any pages I might complete and instead building up a nice buffer. Essentially, it’s a hiatus from posting (which is the source of my anxiety and guilt regarding this ‘project’), not from the work.

I’m going to be generous with myself, and since I officially launched on a January 1st, that is when updates will resume. In the meantime I will continue sharing progress screenshots (and pictures of my cat) on my personal Twitter, so if you want sneak peaks (or pictures of my cat) be sure to drop by there from time to time. And of course, if you want a reminder to arrive in your inbox when updates start up again, you can sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar.

I have been looking forward to the next few pages very much, and I hope that you will be back to see them! As I mentioned before, I am grateful for each and every one of you taking time out of your day to read my silly little comic <3

For now, let’s leave this boy in a tree for a little while. He’ll be fine, these past two years have shown us time is a lie anyway, so he’ll be back before you know it!